Weed Rave: NYC
to Apr 21

Weed Rave: NYC

Weed Rave NYC was a 10-hour, day-to-night (4:20pm-2:40am) party with DJ sets, CBD yoga, a cannabis cooking class, a discussion panel, and booths from some of the buzziest cannabis brands in NYC. The party also celebrated the launch of "WEED: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask" by Michelle Lhooq and Thu Tran.

The event featured:

- DJ sets by Jasmine Infiniti, Quest?onmarc, Joey LaBeija, and GoodDroid

- An ambient room with sets by John Barera, and Unter residents Pure Immanence and Olga

- A CBD yoga class taught by Sigrid from FlucT, with a live score by Eartheater

- A cannabis discussion panel on the NYC cannabis market, moderated by Zach Sokol (Merry Jane editor)

-  A cannabis cooking class led by LEVO founder Olivia Harris

- A copy of “WEED: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask" for all ticketholders

- Flash weed tattoos parlor

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Weed Rave: LA
to Jan 21

Weed Rave: LA

The debut Weed Rave was a 12-hour event at a downtown LA loft that brought together the coolest cannabis brands and DJs in LA's underground—with a focus on celebrating women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. It featured three rooms of music & weed treats, including:  

- Jungle/techno DJ sets by: False Witness, Russell EL Butler, Kosmik (Black Lodge), Mesme, and a special guest from PAN/Berlin.

- A cozy lounge with ambient + live sets by: They/them DJ, Maral, Adam O, and Kokonut from LA’s Directory Service crew.

- Two weed bars with THC + CBD treats from Stone Road, Good Flower, Humboldt Farms, Calivolve, Green Angels, LAPCG, Kushy Punch, Pride Cannabis, and more.

- Two daytime discussion panels: "Sex Work vs. The War on Drugs" and "How to Be a Weed-fluencer"

- A marketplace of cannabis merch from Stoner's Night LA, Green Angels, and Incense Route 

- Rooftop cannabis yoga under blood moon eclipse, taught by Richard Kennedy with CBD lotions from Honey Pot

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