The Incredible 90s Rave World Of Flapjack The Kandi Kid (EB)

I keep running into 25-year-old Flapjack at parties, and I’ve since learned that he’s like a rave Pied Piper: wherever he goes, colorful kandi kids seem to follow. Yet I didn’t grasp the extent of his encyclopedic knowledge and obsessive passion for California’s underground rave culture until I paid a visit to his home.

Glamour cover story: Halsey

In the struggle between self-promotion and self-protection many artists experience, maybe Halsey—a social media star who created a platform for herself by mastering the art of strategic oversharing—wants to keep some of herself for herself. 

goblin gabber is an abomination (Electronic Beats)

I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for goblin gabber the first time I put on a track at an afterparty at my place a few weeks ago. “What the fuck is this?!” my friends screamed, ducking under the sofa cushions, clutching their ears. “I don’t know!” I howled, “My editor just sent me the link!”

ladyfag on nyc nightlife in the age of condos (PAPER)

If you listen closely to the streets of New York, beneath the wailing sirens and screeching subways, you'll hear whispers of the legendary parties that used to be. Who can forget the SHADE warehouse rave during Pride 2015, when giant inflatable dicks shot laser beams over an ecstatic sea of shirtless gays?